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Full-stack Web Developer

The web is my second home and I want to create great experiences for everyone there.

These are the tools I have experience with, and I love adding to the list!

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Drew Tolliver

About me

I am a full-stack web developer trained by DigitalCrafts in Atlanta, GA. My passion for computing started in the mid-80's with an Apple IIE my dad brought home from work. I dabbled off and on over the years, building computers and experimenting with different programming languages before recently deciding to follow my passion and get serious about code, and web development in particular.

My goal is to combine full-stack web development with my experience in project management and customer service in order to create sensational web apps.

At home, my wife and daughter keep me busy with chores and play time, but at night I sneak downstairs to the basement office and code into the wee hours.

Drew Tolliver






Drew Tolliver


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Live a healthier, more balanced life by performing good habits. This was my final project at DigitalCrafts. It combines an Alexa skill with a React Native mobile app tied together with a custom API and mySQL database.

Built with React Native, Redux, Node, Express, Amazon Alexa Skills Kit, MySQL, Amazon Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB

Game On

A sports data visualization tool

Built with HTML, CSS, Node, Express, jQuery, MySQL, Highcharts.js, Bootstrap

Fantasy Action PyGame

Attack the Monster!

Built with Python and PyGame


Try your luck at the Casino!

Built with HTML, CSS, and jQuery. And Magic.

Drew Tolliver

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